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Textbooks currently available in the Orthopaedic Learning Center collection.

The Adult Spine; Principles and Practice, second edition, John W. Frymoyer, et. al. 1997
Instructional Course Lectures, volume 48, Joseph D. Zuckerman editor, 1999
Orthopaedic Basic Science, Sheldon R. Simon editor, 1994
Principles and Techniques of Spine Surgery, Howard S. An, 1998
Orthopaedic Decision Making second edition, Robert W. Bucholz, 1996
Surgical Exposures in Orthopedics Stanley Hoppenfeld 1994
Rockwood & Green's Fractures in Adults fifth edition, Robert Bucholz, 2001
Skeletal Trauma second edition, Bruce Browner & Jesse Jupiter editors, 1998
Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics ninth edition, S. Terry Canale, editor, 
Greens Operative Hand Surgery fourth edition,  David P. Green, editor,  1999
Complications In Orthopaedic Surgery second edition, Charles H. Epps, Jr., 1986
Functional Fracture Bracing first edition, Augusto Sarmiento, 1995
Practical Evaluation and Management of the Shoulder first edition, Frederick A. Matsen, 1994
Surgery of the Foot and Ankle first edition Coughlin; Mann 1999
Knee Surgery (2 Volume Set) first edition, Freddie H. Fu 1994
The Elbow and Its Disorders third edition, Bernard F. Morrey 2000
Turek's Orthopaedics: Principles and Their Application fifth edition, Stuart L. Weinstein 1994
Orthopaedic Knowledge Update, OKU7 - Kenneth J. Koval, MD  
Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Spine 2 - David F. Fardon, Steven R. Garfin
Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Musculoskeletal Tumors - Lawrence R. Menendez
Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Hip and Knee Reconstruction 2 - Paul M. Pellicci, Alfred J. Tria, Kevin L. Garvin
Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Shoulder and Elbow 2 - Tom R. Norris
Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Sports Medicine 2 - Elizabeth A. Arendt
Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Foot and Ankle 2 - Mark S. Mizel, Richard A. Miller, Mark W. Scioli
Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Trauma 2 - Thomas J. Fischer, Paul Tornetta III, Michael J. Bosse, Mitchel B. Harris

Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, donated by Dr. William J. Mullally
Evidence-Based Herbal Medicine, Michael Rotblatt and Irwin Ziment, 2002 donated by the author (VA staff physician) Dr. Michael Rotblatt. My review.
Orthofix External Fixation in Trauma and Orthopaedics, Giovanni De Bastiani et al., 2001, donated by Orthofix

Future order will probably include:
 Instructional Course Lectures 2002 Volume 51 James H. Beaty, MD



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